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Quality Education: I will work with our School District to look into an affordable pre-school program, assess the need for a second high school and provide relevant after-school programs..all to improve our quality of education.

Excellent Public Safety: I will work to have Zero Drug  tolerance in our city for an excellent public safety, support the use of advanced cyberspace technology to curb internet crimes, adopt a bullying prevention program, and increase police presence in crowded areas of the city.

Improved Traffic and Transportation Conditions: Work with VTA, Caltrans to add one lane at 237, and the Calaveras bridge,  and shorten expressway at 237...all to alleviate our traffic problems; introduce use of shuttle bus to serve the different city people centers, resolve traffic at school sites by proposing multi-drop/pick-up stations per school.

Quality of life: I will address concerns regarding garbage and water issues. I will work hard to continue to address the odor issue, where I was the first to lead in working on this issue. And I will continue to add more affordable housing owned and rental units

Committee to Elect Jose Esteves 2018
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